Our Products

Since a bulk of our business is wholesale, retail customers benefit from having access to some of the highest quality and freshest fish available in Perth. All fish is from Australian waters and is filleted on the day of sale. 

We usually have plenty of sashimi grade Salmon,  Hiramassa,  Barramundi and Ocean Trout as these species are farmed. It's very different with wild caught fish. Availability is determined by what the fisherman are able and allowed to catch, but we normally have available five to six different species in addition to the farmed species. 

Please note that we usuallly sell out of all our cut fish by late in the afternoon, so get in early for the best selection.

We also have  the full range of other frozen and fresh seafood,  rabbit, duck and other game birds as well as a wide selection of condiments and other speciality food items.

                                          For information about how we prepare our fish or about our products phone Matt on 9389 9600